After wearing glasses and contacts most of my life, I finally decided it was time to make a change. As a college athlete, I always need my contacts during competition. However, my astigmatism makes contacts difficult to wear. I began to notice my vision was blurry even when I was wearing my contacts. When I arrived home from my first year of college, my dad told me about how he and my mom both had Lasik done by Dr. Wang. He told me I should go to one of Dr. Wang’s seminars. The seminar I attended was very informative. A few months later, I decided to have LASIK. After Dr. Wang explained all the information I needed, the procedure proceeded quick and painless. Before I left his office the day of the procedure, I was seeing 20/20. Dr. Wang even called to check on me the evening after my surgery. 

Joe Ball

This has been an awesome experience. Dr. Wang has been so kind. His staff has treated me as if I was family. I will definitely refer anyone I know to visit him for any eye problems. Thank you!

John Laizure

I had heard of Dr. Ming Wang before. I have heard nothing but awesome feedback. He took care of my astigmatism problem. Dr. Wang and his staff really care about their patients. I like the fact that Martin from God’s Not Dead is based on Dr. Wang’s life. God has blessed Dr. Wang with an awesome gift. To God be the Glory!

Dean A Findlay

Dr. Wang and his staff are so kind, helpful, and true humanitarians. They really do enjoy their position, which does not seem like a “job” to them! Great experience, and I would recommend them to anyone experiencing eye problems.

Barbara Doering

When I was first diagnosed with cataracts, the prospect of surgery terrified me. Dr. Wang, and his incredible staff made me feel as if I was the only patient they had to take care of. Every question was answered, sometimes more than once, and all my fears were soothed. The surgery process was actually quite calm, strange but true, post op instructions were easy to follow. My biggest and most pleasant surprise came when Dr. Wang called at 9:45 pm the day of surgery to check up on me. Not only is he an astonishing surgeon, he is a truly nice guy! Thanks.